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The City of New Bern maintains six cemeteries, open 365 days a year, which encompass over 75 acres. The history of New Bern dates back to the eighteenth century, so too, does the history of our cemeteries. All of our sites are maintained and cared for in a manner which respects a family's desire for reverence and a sense of dignity for the final resting place of their loved ones.

Cedar Grove Cemetery, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, established in the eighteenth century by Christ Episcopal Church, is our oldest cemetery and still serves as an active cemetery, providing the final resting place for some prominent figures in New Bern and our nations history. There are still a few lots remaining for sale.

Greenwood Cemetery, established in the nineteenth century, though having no remaining lots for sale, is still an active cemetery, which is also steeped in history. Established for the African-American community at a time our nation was divided in war, and through the years of segregation, it serves as the final resting place for many who struggled and gave of themselves while helping to mold the history of our city and the African-American people throughout the country.

Cedar Grove Extension, Evergreen, and New Bern Memorial Cemeteries, though not filled with the history of Cedar Grove or Greenwood, are all active cemeteries with available grave sites to meet individual needs.

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Click here to view the City Ordinance for Cemeteries. 

Cemetery Locations

Cedar Grove
808 George Street
810 Cypress Street
Cedar Grove Ext.
701 George Street
New Bern Memorial
1112 Chelsea Road
2200 East Rose Street